SWAPR's project goals are to reduce solid waste and recycle discarded but usable items by offering them to local not-for-profit organizations and human service agencies. SWAPR volunteers include faculty, students, staff, administrators, and entire families, all working toward the common goal of reducing waste and sharing resources with the community.

How SWAPR Works

At the end of each semester, students bring discarded items to tents set up at different locations on campus. Volunteers sort through the items, and organize them for people to look through. SWAPR sorts shoes, small appliances, furniture.

Small items are then collected and placed in boxes for distribution, and then distributed to local not-for-profit organizations such as Dutchess Outreach, D.C. Community Action Agency, Hudson River Housing, First Presbyterian Church, and Beullah Baptist Church. Items are also distributed to local government human services agencies and members of the campus community.

The remaining items are loaded into trailers for storage over the summer. When fall semester begins, items are sold to returning students. Money raised in the sellback covers the costs for trailer rentals, and saves the College thousands in solid waste carting fees.

Contact Us

Contact Jeff Walker for more information.

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